The six secrets of studio management success 

We know. You set up your studio for the love of sharing yoga with students, but instead of teaching Sirsasana your schedule quickly fills with solving administrative and logistical issues. 

Sometimes it feels like you’re in over your head. After all, there are cover teachers to find, classes to fill, floors to sweep, and payroll to organize. 

Whatsmore, you haven’t stepped foot on your own mat in months!

The truth is running a yoga studio is just like any other business. Super rewarding, but hard and occasionally overwhelming. Yet if you know what to expect it’s easier to sidestep some of the common faux-paus that leave you wondering what happened to your santosha. 

So here are team Blossoms top tips for studio management success. 

One: Stay committed to your self-practice 

When you’re busy self-practice often falls by the wayside. But continuing to step on to your mat regularly will help you teach with confidence and keep you centered so assertive, quick decision making is easy. 

Two: Surround yourself with good people

Appointing the right people in the right places AND knowing how to delegate can be life-changing. Instead of juggling everything solo, build a solid team of support staff that will give you the sthira sukham you need to succeed. 

Three: Invest in tech that will take care of the nitty-gritty

The right studio management tools will run your studio for you. The wrong tools will run you! 

Be careful to select software that suits your needs while minimizing administration at a transparent price point that won’t break the bank, so you don’t end up paying for redundant features you’ll never need.

Four: Strike the balance between classic and conceptual classes 

Not a day goes by without a new yoga trend emerging. Whether it’s yoga with goats or yoga on boats, the modern-day practice can be classical or experimental. Be prepared to explore possibilities, while maintaining your integrity, so you can respond to market changes easily with updates to your schedule, class descriptions, and teacher bios. 

Five: Be prepared for cancellations, no-shows and schedule switches 

Studio owners know that each class carries the risk of last-minute revisions! Whether it’s sick teachers, room swaps or student no-shows you need to have responsive ways of managing unexpected updates that anyone can execute. 

Six: Use data to empower decisions 

Monitoring the most popular teachers, class style, class times and repeat student visits will help build a dynamic, data-driven picture that will empower informed decision making and help you create the right business goals for your studio - so you know where to direct your attention to grow your yoga business sustainably! 

It was with these challenges and tips in mind that we created Blossom; the easy-to-use studio software that empowers owners with an intuitive, responsive toolkit while cutting out the complexity and keeping admin to a minimum. 

Running a yoga business can be hard, but by giving focus where it matters most you can easily transform chaos into calm.

Katherine Blom
Geschreven doorKatherine BlomCustomer success manager
August 17, 2020