Using your own domain, credit detailed bookings, schedule improvements

Platform Update 28/7/2020

Custom domains

We now support using your own domain for your studio. With a custom domain, your studio address will be your own. For example, instead of "" you could have "". When connecting a custom domain, we will make sure for you that it is secure with an SSL certificate. Please contact support ( if you would like access to this feature!

  • Overview: button to quickly jump to today.
  • Option to hide the amount of available spots for members. This option can be found in studio settings.
Admin contract sales

Added messages to clearly show the status of charging the customer, with the amount of retries if applicable.

View bookings made with credit


Added the option to view what classes a member has spent their credits on for a specific pricing option.

This can be found in the studio dashboard on a member's page in the purchase history.

Geschreven doorRosemary WilliamsProduct Manager
July 28, 2020