Teacher payroll module

New feature: teacher payroll

With the new payroll module, you can easily keep track of each teacher's payout. Create pay rates with a flat rate and an optional bonus. Assign a default pay rate, globally or per teacher. Assign a specific pay rate on a class level. Get a general overview with KPI's, like the average payout, and a list of payouts per teacher. For each teacher a detailed breakdown per class is available.

  • Support for flat rates
  • Support for an optional bonus per booking, with a specific minimum amount of bookings
  • Pay rates per teacher
  • Specific pay rates per class
  • Overview: KPI's (total pay outs, average pay outs, and active teachers) and payout per teacher
  • Detailed breakdown per teacher
  • Export functionality (Excel supported)

Written byRosemary WilliamsProduct Manager
October 1, 2020