Substitute teachers, schedule week view and live stream update

Platform Update 8/7/2020

Studio Settings
  • Option to show contact information (email, phone) of attendees to teachers
  • Option to customize the amount of time before the live stream starts that the live stream link becomes available to attendees. Default is 20 minutes before the start.
  • New improved week view for members on mobile and desktop
  • Add option to dropdown to sign out an already signed in attendee
The schedule view for members has been optimized to display an overview of the week

Substitute teachers

  • Add the option to choose one or multiple substitute teachers for a class
  • Can be configured that teachers can choose a substitute for their own class in Studio settings
Select a substitute teacher for a class
Subtitutes teacher can be choosen on the settings tab of a class or via the more options button dropdown
Allow teachers to choose a substitute for their classes
You can enable the option to allow teachers to choose a substitute teacher for their own classes

Written byRosemary WilliamsProduct Manager
July 8, 2020